We love music. Not only listening to it, but also capturing it. This is what Trve Peak Studio is mainly about. Recording, mixing and mastering music. And because we care so much about it, we would like to inform you about the so called Loudness War, whose victims are countless recordings released in the past two decades.

In a nutshell: The louder the music, the better it sounds. That’s what the human brain thinks. And that’s also what a lot of people in the music industry (sound engineers excluded) think and therefore will tell their recording studio. Fact is, you don’t need a super loud record to be successful (Michael Jackson, anyone?). You need great songs and that’s it. If the sound is equally stellar as your songwriting, you’re halfway there to be heard by a lot of people. And we can help you to be heard.

All of us are in some way involved in the music industry, be it working for a record label, taking photos of bands while being on tour with them or creating artworks. We can also help you out with complicated, boring and time consuming things like registering to a royalty collecting society, preparing cover letters for venues, labels, magazines and so on. Because for us it’s not only a file you listen to on your phone but a whole piece of art, along with a corresponding artwork, nice photos and of course a fantastic sound!


Steve Frenzel

Sound Engineer / Producer


Graphic Designer / Photographer

Hakan Halaç

Producer / Graphic Designer